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"I Love Running (When I'm Done)" Running Vest - Yellow

12 GBP

Super comfortable racer back running vest summing up all our attitudes to running..

Now for the science bit...concentrate...this gorgeous item is made from a 100% polyester neoteric texture fabric, promising excellent wickability and is therefore ideal for all forms of exercise.

Also available in white, black, bright pink and dark pink, in sizes 8 through to 16.

Running is fun, we all know that. However, here at Your Running Mate we get a bit twitchy when we see people hell-bent on sucking all the fun out of it and turning it into an expensive, elitist and worst of all, serious business.

Not us. If we exist where you live, we'll introduce you to the sporting love of your life and show you how much fun it can be. If you've already been introduced but perhaps have become a little estranged over the years, we're here to remind you just why you fell in love in the first place.

If we haven't reached you yet, then just buy our stuff, have a giggle, and wait until we arrive.